quick facts

The origins of Jiu-jitsu can be traced as far back as the Japanese Samurai era. Samurais learnt forms of unarmed combat that uses the principle of momentum and leverage to effectively defeat despite their heavy armours. The techniques were then brought to Brazil and further developed to what we know today as Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ). BJJ is also closely linked to the founding of MMA and popularised by the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

In BJJ, the size and strength of the opponent is irrelevant – it is about the understanding of anatomy and the application of grappling techniques on the ground – making it one of the most creative and strategic forms of martial arts. The self-defense sport is also a non-impact martial art, suitable for people of all sizes and ages!


Lose the traditional uniform and learn to grapple in rash guards and shorts, but be warned! With less to hold, and control, this is a faster paced version of BJJ, but that’s where the fun is!


A class for white to blue belt practitioners who are ready to progress their basic knowledge of BJJ with technique variations and some light sparring sessions closely monitored by our experienced instructors.